Securities Broking

Unlike the listed equities markets which are traded activily and largely anonomously on public exchanges such as the ASX and Chi-X in Australia, there is no formal exchange for secondary trading in the fixed interest securities market – except for a limited number of fixed interest/equity hybrids securities.

With the bond market, secondary trades are handled by brokers and institutions negotiating directly between themselves. RIM Securities provides a specialised broking service for buying and selling short and long-dated fixed and floating rate securities on behalf of clients. RIM Securities dealers have excellent direct relationships with a strong network of treasury and money market desks of domestic and foreign banks, investment banks, other financial institutions and non-institutional bond holders; all of which combine to provide RIM Securities clients with private and confidential access to a wide array of fixed-income securities at competitive prices.

There are two important attributes which differentiate RIM Securities from banks and other brokers and ensures its independence and transparency:

  • RIM Securities does not originate its own securities and does not represent or have shareholder or similar relationships with any originator and is therefore able to offer an impartial service to clients without being influenced by any issuance requirements.
  • RIM Securities does not hold its own “Book” of securities to trade with its clients. Each purchase or sale of securities is undertaken with a third party buyer or seller specifically on behalf of the RIM Securities Client

RIM Securities is able to access securities from both the primary and secondary markets and is active in the following securities markets:

  • Bank Bills and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs)
  • Commercial Paper (CP)
  • Fixed Interest Bonds
  • Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)
  • Treasury Notes and Government Bonds
  • Listed Hybrid and Convertible Notes
  • Mortgage Backed and Asset Backed Securities
  • Structured Notes

Investors benefit from RIM Securities expertise in these markets, along with our ability to execute and settle trades on your behalf. Securities purchased by investors can be traded via Austraclear or Euroclear, held in safe custody by the issuer, or held in safe custody by our custodial agent, Trustees Australia Limited.

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