RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service

We know that clients are demanding more predictable income solutions and direct access to unlisted bonds to help in this low interest rate environment. This need has led to RIM Securities’ launching the RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service, which aims at providing sophisticated / wholesale investors with capital preservation and stable income solutions that access the unlisted Australian and international bond market. Investors will be able to diversify and de-risk their investments by constructing income focused and conservative portfolios.

To start using the RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service register your investment preferences so we can effectively communicate bond opportunities to you.

RIM Securities will send an information pack containing important documentation that must be reviewed, signed and returned. 

If you have any questions about the service or forms feel free to contact us by calling 07 3020 3000 or via email to investments@rimsec.com.

Key Features of the RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service

  • Access - You can access corporate bonds, with a minimum investment starting at just $50,000.
  • Bond investment opportunities - You will have access to a selection of new bond issuances, as well as bonds available in the secondary market, giving you investment opportunities not readily available to the wider market and the opportunity for you to customise your income portfolio.
  • Direct access to unlisted bonds complement other income focused investments by:
    a. Providing par value back at maturity, i.e. known capital returned
    b. Beneficial ownership therefore investor can sell bonds when it suits their strategy or they can hold the bond to maturity.
    c. Receive any tax benefits when selling the bond
    d. Is not forced to sell bonds to meet liquidity demands of other investors
    e. Known and regular income

As we are your fixed interest engine, we provide regular updates on bonds based on your preferences, for example:
Country of Issuer
Issuer Name(s)
Currency: (AUD, GBP, USD, RMB, EUR, Any)
Coupon Type: Fixed / Floating
Issuer Long-Term Credit Rating
Issue Credit Rating
Maturity Profile: (0-3yrs, 3-7yrs, 7+ yrs or Any)
Preferred Parcel Size