RIM Securities assists wholesale and retail investors gain easy access to a wide range of Australian term deposits, government bonds, bank bills, floating rate notes and other interest securities through its extensive service offering.

RIM Securities daily online term deposit rates sheet and secondary offers provide investors with a quick overview of the best interest rates and securities pricing available giving investors and advisors the ability to make informed investment decisions from one easy source. Our daily market news - “While you were sleeping”  keeps investors informed and up to date with pertinent extracts from overnight market news from Australia and overseas.

For more information regarding our services please refer to our Financial Services Guide.

RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service

We know that clients are demanding more predictable income solutions and direct access to unlisted bonds to help in this low interest rate environment. This need has led to RIM Securities’ launching the *RIM Securities Small Parcel Bond Service*, which aims at providing sophisticated / wholesale investors with capital preservation and stable income solutions that access the unlisted Australian and international bond market. Investors will be able to diversify and de-risk their investments by constructing income focused and conservative portfolios. read more

Deposit Broking

RIMsec negotiates and receives any commission for sourcing funds from the Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs). This commission is typically between 5 and 20 basis points and takes into consideration numerous factors such as the size, term and complexity of the deposit, the ADIs need for funds and the market rate.
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Securities Broking

RIMsec provides a specialised broking service for sourcing short-dated and long-dated fixed and floating rate securities on behalf of investors. Our excellent relationships with banks, investment banks and other financial institutions provide us with access to a wide array of securities at competitive prices. read more

Portfolio Construction

Constructing fixed income portfolios need not be complicated. RIMsec can construct a portfolio for investors based on investment objectives, income needs, risk tolerance and the outlook for interest rates. With a large volume of new issues and more tailored products created in the market over the last number of years, it has become easier to provide fixed income solutions to suit individual yield and risk profiles. As part of our portfolio construction service, RIMsec will at any time - value your portfolio, provide liquidity on all securities, assess your portfolio and recommend adjustments. read more

Valuation Services

RIMsec provides clients with assistance on the valuation of individual or portfolios of securities. Our highly qualified and experienced staff can assess your securities and provide an up to date market valuation, along with recommendations of what actions you can take to mitigate or alter your risk profile. read more

Primary Advisor Solutions

RIMsec provides tailored fixed interest solutions to Primary Advisors and other intermediaries such as financial planning groups, wealth advisors, fund managers and stockbrokers. These solutions complement the various defensive investment strategies, which may include: read more

Order Execution & Custody

RIMsec can execute and settle trades on behalf of the investor. Securities purchased by investors can be traded via Austraclear or Euroclear, held in safe custody by the issuer, or held in safe custody by our custodial agent, Trustees Australia Limited. read more