Fund Managers / Industry Funds

Holistic solutions incorporating bonds and cash-type products are at the core of RIM Securities’ business.  The business works as a partner or close outsourced resource with fund managers to construct and maintain income portfolios that incorporate a number of liquidity and capital preservation strategies that aim to exceed overall benchmark returns whilst strictly following investment mandates.

Key to these solutions is how RIM Securities works with the fixed income community and Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (“ADI”) to introduce their term deposits, Negotiable Certificate of Deposit and at-call funding to investors.  As we have a direct line to the ADI’s treasury, we are able to tap into their “off-ratesheet” specials matching investors with surplus cash with ADI’s who are looking to meet their daily cash requirements.

As a fixed income specialist, we monitor market movement across the various short and long term interest rate investments and share opportunities with clients via direct communications or the bond and term deposit ratesheets.

Looking to sell your current bonds in small parcels, e.g. $5m face value or less?  RIM Securities has access to the middle market and as such may be able to provide liquidity solutions by tapping into this important segment. 

Contact us to discuss how we partner with fund managers as an outsourced resource to help manage your income portfolios.