RIM Securities Limited was established in 2004, becoming one of a handful of independent specialist fixed interest businesses in the Australian market.

RIM Securities is not aligned with any particular bank or asset management institution; it does not hold its own proprietary “book”; and it does not issue its own investment products. Because of this, RIM Securities is able to remain truly independent in any recommendation or advice.

RIM Securities specialises and deals in the Fixed Interest asset class only, leaving equities, property and other investment classes to other advisors many of whom seek RIM Securities help for specialist fixed interest input for their clients.

RIM Securities experienced dealing team has established valuable intermediary relationships with an extensive range of Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and works cooperatively to introduce their term deposits and at-call funding to investors, through attractive interest rates. ADIs include major and regional Australian banks, Credit Unions, Building Societies and foreign banks registered as ADIs in Australia.

The RIM Securities client base is Australia wide and includes both direct clients as well as clients of Primary Advisors such as financial planners, stock-brokers and other intermediaries. Direct clients comprise of government and semi-government organisations and local authorities, charities, educational bodies, associations, small to mid-size companies, self-managed-super funds and individuals.

RIM Securities Ltd ABN 86 111 273 048 AFS Licence No. 283119