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RIM Securities is one of the best kept secrets in the Australian Fixed Interest market.  Established in 2004, as an independent fixed income specialist, the business has maintained its deep philosophies of value-add, performance, expertise, quality, innovation and integrity - just ask any of our clients who we have provided income solutions to over the past 10 years.

Our expertise, innovation and integrity have earned us a unique position amongst our clients delivering opportunistic trade ideas resulting in excess of $15b in transactions. 

As a trusted adviser, RIM Securities has helped clients navigate the fixed interest market during some of the most perplexing investment cycles, maintaining an emphasis on capital preservation and stable income no matter how tempting and attractive riskier investments appear.

Across its middle market client base, the firm is well known for its work in placing funds with Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions in Term Deposits, At Call, and Notice accounts at no cost to investors.  By tailoring strategies and utilising the latest deposit products, we are able to build stable income solutions that meet client’s risk criteria and enhance overall portfolio performance.  All investments are non-pooled and are placed in the investor’s name allowing them to take advantage of any government guarantee and to help prevent fraud.

The unlisted fixed income universe in Australia is estimated at just over $1 trillion.  RIM Securities has engaged with clients to help them understand the nuances of Over The Counter (OTC) bonds where it has traditionally been difficult for middle market / wholesale investors to access, receive information and pricing transparency.  We have assisted many of our clients to diversify their overall fixed interest portfolio by working closely with them. 




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